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Website Design

Design is not just what it looks is how it works. - Steve Jobs

First impressions are important and often your website is the one making it. So the question is what type of impression are you making? A website is more the just nice graphics and a few words, it is also important to create a site that offers a great user experience and focuses on the tasks you want users to do. 


Benefits of a Professional Website Design:

  • More Conversions

  • Better Customer Retention

  • Professional Image

  • Excellent Usability

What Makes our Websites Better?

Because Total Design Revolution is an integrated marketing company we are able to combine two distinct disciplines into every website we create. An IT company can build a technically sound website, a design firm can make something that looks nice and a marketing or seo company can make sure visitors reach your website, but how many companies can do all well?

Disciplines that go into every website developed.

Website Design - Strategy & Internet Marketing
Strategy and Internet Marketing are first and foremost. Without a proper strategy in place your marketing objectives will not be met. A cohesive plan will ensure that marketing, sales, promotion and brand strategy compliment each other seamlessly.

Graphic Design & Usability
Form always follows function but it doesn't hurt to have the best of both worlds. Our award winning website designers approach every project as a portfolio piece and an opportunity to win another award. Imagine the essence of your company being expressed with a balance of color, shape, typography and layout. By focusing on brand sensitivity and usability testing we build professional websites that compliment your  company's image.

Custom - Small or Large Business
Every business is unique! A custom built website should express YOUR brand and attract customers to come back time after time, along with ease of use and personal experiences.
An online store is a very important step in reaching a larger client base. eCommerce is one of the fastest growing sector across the internet. Allow your brand to shine with an intelligent user friendly shopping style.

Today a successful website requires:


  • A Professional and Unique Design (Not a Template)

  • Clear "Call to Action" that guides users to take action

  • Engaging Content that not just grabs attention, but holds it

  • Supported and Managed by an easy to use Content Management System 

  • Effective Search Engine Optimization 

  • The ability to track the performance of your site 


We create sites that not only communicate the distinctive nature of your organization but also create award-winning designs that are clean, functional, creative and easy to maintain.  At Total Design Revolution we work closely with you from the beginning to the completion of your project, ensuring that the design of your site captures the image and objectives your company or organization desires.


All our websites are designed to be viewed in today's most popular browsers and the structure of web pages follows current best-practice guidelines and technologies. This will guarantee consistent presentation across various platforms.

Sometimes you have to "TAKE CONTROL". Our sites are fully accessible with as many users as you need to create the perfect site for your business.  We offer one-on-one training classes that will teach DYI'ers!
Already have a website but maybe it needs a #ReVamp and #LevelUp! Let us help you update and make sure your customer first impressions keep them coming back time after time!
Web Hosting
Your company's information is in a secure reliable hosting environment. We take pride in not sharing your client information and hosting your eCommerce accounts on a secure network. 
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