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"No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data."  -John Scully

Marketing, according to the American Marketing Association, is defined as “the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships, in order to capture value from customers in return." Marketing is what Total Design Revolution is all about. We create, communicate and deliver marketing strategies and platforms. The marketing that got your business where you are today will probably not take you into the future. Do you want to launch your business into the next level? Then Total Design Revolution is for you.  We identify, satisfy and show you how to keep the customer. We are available for all your consulting needs.


“I know where I want to go…I just don’t know how to get there!”


This is often the case with businesses, they hit a point where they are so busy running their day to day operations that their forward plans are stymied.  Total Design Revolution has the ability to jump in along the way, determine goals and objectives, then assist in facilitating them.  We can help you with a quick fix or a major undertaking.


Who wants to read blah, blah blah, blah blah blah on your website? 


Only 60% of what is read is retained so less is better.  Gathering information, assessing it, and presenting it in a way that readers will understand and appreciate is a unique talent.  We have extensive experience in this area, and can get the point across without belaboring it.  Great content paired with a robust, trustworthy web process will be the key to success. But, unlike many other developers, we are obsessed with design and usability. This ensures that our clients get every advantage of effective web-site communication that facilitates them in achieving their marketing and business goals.

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