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Total Design Revolution Experts

You’ve found the Experts you’re looking for!

TotalDESIGN Revolution is the most innovative and forward thinking provider of design, marketing, social media and training. They are leading the charge in ensuring that businesses are not left behind online and are, instead, using branding, design and social media effectively to grow their business (and their bottom line if that’s what’s important).

Founded by Andrea and Joe Cole, TotalDESIGN Revolution is based in Arkansas and provides services for business of all types. TotalDESIGN Revolution is committed to providing their clients with solutions that work. Andrea and Joe take care of all the technical computery and geeky work for you behind the scenes, Andrea Cole is our Design Specialist and Joe manages the sales. Unlike so many businesses out there, the TotalDESIGN team ACTUALLY CARE about their client’s results.


TotalDESIGN Revolution can provide branding, graphic design, marketing, consulting and social media management for their clients, depending on how hands on you want to be with your campaigns. There are different packages available that can focus on teaching you, doing it for you, or a combination of both.

Simply put, if you don’t want to be left behind in marketing your business effectively, you should contact the TotalDESIGN Revolution team! They’ll put their name on the line to create results for you and your business.

Andrea and Joe Cole
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